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for mayor

bringing the
valley stream
of yesterday
into today

It's time for
our first elected woman and Latina mayor
in VS!!!

Valley Stream has changed a lot in the past 20 years; however, our current

elected leaders and administration do not reflect nor have capitalized on this demographic, cultural, technological, and socioeconomic progress. We need to make Valley Stream feel like home for everyone--not only for families but also for young, single professionals, not only for homeowners but also for renters, not only for those who were born here but also for those who are joining us for the first time.


putting your tax dollars to work

Our village is spending a lot more than it's making, and our current administration has sunk us to junk bond status (akin to a low credit rating), which makes it more difficult to get loans to fix streets, maintain buildings, and provide daily services. We need to invest wisely, but first, we need to audit our administration so we can make informed decisions on where to allocate our hard-earned tax dollars--this also includes addressing rampant nepotism, cronyism, and lack of expertise, transparency and accountability. Then we can not only update our infrastructure but also modernize and expand it. There's some housecleaning to be done.


resurrecting our downtown

Valley Stream is the first stop and hub in the LIRR on Long Island. This prime location has great potential for economic prosperity for our town, which our current administration has failed to take advantage of. Hence, we need to develop a strategic plan to revitalize Rockaway Avenue to support business owners, give our friends and family places to build community, and attract visitors during the day and night. This strategic plan should include incentivizing small businesses, developing housing around the train station, and beautify our town with more green, and less cement.


choosing people over developers

Apartment buildings shouldn't be developed in single-home residential areas--a home feels less like one when you have three floors of neighbors looking into your backyard. And renters need not only a place near walkable areas, such as the LIRR and Rockaway Ave., but also affordable rates. Our current administration has proven itself inadequate at resolving these problems, prioritizing developers' demands over ours. Hence, we need to develop only in specific areas, and simultaneously maintain the suburbian charm homeowners enjoy. We don't work for developers, they work for us.

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first woman, latine & Mayor of color

elect of our village



I'm a Puerto Rican single mom of two who has lived in Valley Stream since 2008. I've run for School Board for Valley Stream District 24 twice and am the current Juvenile Protection Specialist for the New York State PTA.

Valley Stream is my home, and I want to see it keep getting better. My education and experience in Organizational Justice and Data Science equip me with the skills to tackle our village's challenges, from putting your tax dollars to work wisely to revitalizing our downtown district.

Here is a list of my qualifications:

  • Adjunct Lecturer, CUNY

  • DEI Non-Profit Organizational Consultant

  • Data Researcher/Scientist

  • NYS PTA Juvenile Protection Specialist

  • Leader of Color (c)

  • Valley Stream Justice Project, Ltd. Director

  • Bilingual (Spanish & English)

  • MS in Organizational Psychology

  • MA in Psycholinguistics

  • Writer/Editor/Translator


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Valley Stream Village elections are on March 21. Do you have a plan to vote? Make it now by exploring the links below.




Cristina Arroyo Rodriguez

Valley Stream, NY 11581

Tel: 917-971-3401

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